MELVIN COGSWORTH, P.D. Five humorous short stories about a man trying to use his metal detecting hobby to solve mysteries.

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"Nothing metal that can be lost, that I can't find."

With these words, Melvin Cogsworth catapults himself into the danger-filled world of a professional private detectorist. With metal detector in hand, he battles perverse fate and the minions of evil as he braves jealous boyfriends, ardent archeologists, murderers, and the pitfalls of romance through a series of comic misadventures that take him from poverty to riches and loneliness to love.


The Adventures of Melvin Cogsworth, PD
(Private Detectorist)


  The Adventure of the Del Rio Cross

  The Case of the Midnight Caller

  The Mystery of Silas McPhee

  The Secret of Makerpiece Mansion

  The Problem of the Tiger-Striped Cat


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